A report produced by the Italy research team of the Global Media and Internet Research Project

This report scrutinizes revenue and concentration trends in Italian media industries from 2019 to 2021, following the Global Media and Internet Concentration Project (GMICP) blueprint. Twenty-seven industries are categorized into three macro-sectors: Telecommunications and Internet Access, Online and Traditional Media, and Core Internet Applications. Key findings include the Italian network media economy’s worth of 47.385 billion EUR in 2021, a 3.5% drop from 2019 due to declines in traditional media, countered by digital industry growth. Wireless remains the largest sector, but core GAFAM and Netflix’s influence rises. The Italian media economy, while concentrated, is gradually internationalizing, reflecting global industry integration.

Recommended citation: Galli, M., Scaglioni, M., Sfardini, A., Carelli, P.  (2024). “Communications, media and internet concentration in Italy, 2019-2021.” Global Media and Internet Concentration Project. https://doi.org/10.22215/gmicp/2024.1