A report produced by the France research team of the Global Media and Internet Research Project

This report focuses on approximately thirty French markets, contributing to local debates and research as part of the Global Media and Internet Concentration Project (GMICP). It explores the dynamics of diversified economic players in cultural industries (press, audiovisual, books, music), emphasizing the coexistence of ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ entrants. The study provides sector-based and global analyses, revealing a dual dynamic of diversification and concentration in the production, distribution, and broadcasting of cultural and information content. Audiovisual content broadcasting, both free and pay, demonstrates national dominance but faces challenges from foreign groups. Financialization and concentration affect media and cultural goods industries, posing risks to diversity of opinion. The dominance of North American groups in digital services, particularly in advertising, is noted, impacting traditional media revenues. Telecom operators lead the French market, with regulators monitoring concentration dynamics for potential negative impacts on diversity.

Recommended citation: Lefevre, B. & Bouquillion, P. (2023). “Communications, Media and Internet Concentration in France Report, 2019-2021.” Global Media and Internet Concentration Project. https://doi.org/10.22215/gmicp/2024.2