Professor Gabriele Balbi and Petra Mazzoni (Ph.D. Student), respectively the Swiss Principal Investigator (PI) and a research assistant of the GMICP project from the Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG) at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) Switzerland, met with the Shout Korean Committee on the Impact of media Concentration on the 24th of October 2023 at the University of Zurich, Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung (IKMZ), Switzerland. 

The meeting was hosted by Professor Natascha Just, Professor of Communication and Chair of the Media and Internet Governance Division at the Department of Communication and Media Research of the University of Zurich. This event was part of a week-long series of encounters between Swiss media market experts and Korean media market experts. The Korean Committee, led by Prof. Sugmin Youn of Seoul National University, focuses on studying media pluralism and the concentration of public opinion in South Korea. It offers valuable perspectives for policy discussions and recommendations.

This encounter provided an opportunity to present the Global Media and Internet Concentration Project and the first results (2019-2021) of the Swiss market, as well as to engage in valuable discussions and exchanges on the topic of media concentration with other experts in the field.