The special issue “Emerging Debates on Internet Platform Policy and Regulation in Latin America” of the Journal of Digital Media & Policy is out.


Ana Bizberge, Guillermo Mastrini and Rodrigo Gómez, members of the GMICP, are guest editors of this special issue and co-authored the editorial “Discussing internet platform policy and regulation in Latin America“.


The six articles included in the issue discuss different topics such as artificial intelligence initiatives in the region (Monje & Sierra Caballero); challenges for implementing human rights impact assesment in Latin America (Álvarez Ugarte), regulatory approaches for internet governance in Andean countries (Suing); content regulation initiatives (Califano) and content moderation practices in specific contexts (Sáez, Peña & García) as well as regulatory debates for subscription video-on-demand services and the role of Netflix as policy actor (Rossato & Albornoz).