The Global Media and Internet Concentration Project comprises over 50 of the world’s top researchers, as well as more than a dozen policy, industry and civil society partners, all dedicated to revealing – with unprecedented clarity – the state of media concentration in nearly 40 countries worldwide.
We are delighted to publish the first contributions from some of our international research teams. These reports can be found at the following links:
Both reports assess the state of media concentration in their respective countries, from 2019-2021, across 24 media sectors (featured in the graphic below), first at a firm-by-firm level, before scaffolding up to reveal a bird’s-eye view of the entire media economy.
Over the coming months, we will be releasing more reports, covering South Korea, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, USA and China, amongst many others.
All underlying data for these reports, future editions, as well as contact details for the project can be found at