We are delighted to introduce our inaugural feature profile, shining a spotlight on Rodrigo Gómez García. He serves as a senior lecturer in Cultural and Communication Policies at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), Cuajimalpa Unit, Mexico. He also holds the role of Lead Researcher for the Mexico Team within the Global Media and Internet Concentration Project.

The Global Media and Internet Concentration Project, a far-reaching, interdisciplinary research endeavour, seeks to comprehensively understand the trends and implications of media and internet concentration on a global scale.

In this feature profile, we delve into Rodrigo Gómez García’s extensive background, exploring his academic journey, areas of expertise, and his contributions to the project. He will also share his valuable insights on the project’s research goals and anticipated outcomes.

We believe that this profile serves as a compelling introduction to the caliber of individuals who contribute to our research initiative. It underscores the talent of our researchers that is integral to our mission of advancing our collective understanding of significant global media and internet issues.

Watch Rodrigo Gómez García’s Feature Profile