GMIC Project Administrator Guy Hoskins published an article in Bot Populi, an alternative media platform focused on examining digital issues through the lens of social justice and the perspective of the Global South. The article, titled, Decoding Meta’s Infrastructural Turn in Africa: Access with Strings, examines the growing influence of Big Tech, particularly Meta and Alphabet, in expanding internet connectivity in the Global South, particularly Africa. It highlights Meta’s controversial Free Basics app and the company’s shift from PR-friendly initiatives to large-scale engineering projects, like the 2Africa submarine cable, set to drastically increase Africa’s internet capacity. The article raises concerns about digital colonialism, network neutrality, and the potential for corporate monopolies in internet access and data control. It also acknowledges the potential benefits of such infrastructure in terms of digital development, while cautioning against uncritical acceptance of these tech giants’ motives. The piece further examines Meta’s strategic focus on infrastructure development in Africa, highlighting the significance of these investments in terms of market growth, regulatory environments, and data control. The article contrasts Meta’s public philanthropic claims with its actual business objectives and explores the broader implications of such connectivity projects on African nations, emphasizing the need for scrutiny and the prioritization of public interest and digital inclusion in these developments.