A report produced by the South Korean research team of the Global Media and Internet Research Project

This report investigates media developments and market concentration trends across nearly two dozen communication, internet and media industries that make up the South Korean network media economy. We start by studying each of the sectors covered individually before grouping them into three larger mid-range categories of similar types of services: telecoms and internet access sectors, online and traditional media services, and core internet sectors. Ultimately, we bring all these sectors together to give a composite view of the network media economy over the period from 2019 to 2021. In a country where there is little established research on the topic of media concentration and ownership, the goal of this report is to simultaneously examine specific media sectors so that we can understand their unique features, dynamics, and trends and move from there toward a holistic understanding of the South Korean network media economy.

Recommended citation:

Jin, D. Y. & Park, S. Y, 2023, “Media and internet concentration in South Korea, 2019-2021”, https://doi.org/10.22215/gmicp/2024.3, Global Media and Internet Concentration Project, Carleton University.