A report produced by the Brazilian research team of the Global Media and Internet Research Project

This report examines media developments and market concentration trends across numerous communication, internet, and media industries shaping Brazil’s network media economy between 2019-2021. Despite an 18.5% increase in combined income during this period, when considering inflation, stability appears to prevail. However, notable differences emerge across industries, with internet advertising experiencing significant growth while traditional media sectors like newspapers, radio, and television face challenges. Within telecommunications, income from ISPs rises, while fixed telephony and multichannel video distribution sectors decline. Additionally, digital music emerges as a rapidly growing industry.

Recommended citation:

Mastrini, G., Becerra, M., Bizberge, A., Carboni, A., Espada, A., Sosa, F. (2024). “Communications, media and internet concentration in Brazil report, 2019-2021.” Global Media and Internet Concentration Project. http://doi.org/10.22215/gmicp/2024.3.19.2.