GMICP researchers Guillermo Mastrini, Martín Becerra, Ana Bizberge, Ornela Carboni, and Agustín Espada, who work on media and internet concentration in the South Cone, have published a new article (Spanish) titled, “Concentración en la industria audiovisual en el Cono Sur: Un estudio de los mercados de streaming de video, TV paga y abierta en Argentina, Brasil y Chile (2018-2020)” (Concentration in the Audiovisual Industry in the Southern Cone: A Study of Video Streaming, Pay TV, and Broadcast Markets in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile (2018-2020)) in Dixit.

The article studies the concentration within the audiovisual industry across three Southern Cone countries – Argentina, Brazil, and Chile – during the period spanning 2018 to 2020. The analysis encompasses pay television markets (both providers and channels), subscription-based on-demand audiovisual services (SVOD), and open broadcast television channels. The methodology employed draws from the field of Political Economy of Communication, utilizing the CR4 index to identify the economically significant players within each subsector and uncover patterns of concentration. The findings of this study highlight pronounced levels of concentration within the audiovisual sector: the four key enterprises hold sway over 80% to 90% of the markets in all three countries. Furthermore, an emerging trend is noted in the revenue growth of SVOD services, contrasted by the decline in pay and open broadcast television. This study sheds light on the ongoing shift towards centralization and internationalization among global players who are reaping the benefits of the system